VM-3100: Inputs -- Setting Up Inputs 1-8

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The VM-3100 provides eight standard 1/4' connections on Inputs 1-8. Inputs 1
and 2 also provide XLR connections with phantom power. (Either the 1/4' or the
XLR connection can be used, not both at the same time.) A high impedance
guitar input is provided on Input 4 for direct connection of a guitar or bass.
(Either the standard 1/4' connection or the high impedance guitar input can be
used on Input 4, not both at the same time.)

The following procedure will guide you through setting up an input on the
VM-3100. We will use Input 1 as an example:

1) With the VM-3100 mixer powered down, plug either a 1/4' audio cable into the
1/4' connection or a microphone cable into the XLR jack of Input 1.
2) Bring the Master Fader all the way down. Power on the VM-3100.
3) Press the [F1-F4 ON/OFF] button.
4) Press F1 until '>Pst' appears in the display. The display is now showing
pre-fader levels.

Note: You often see menu choices in the VM-3100's display with arrows to the
left of them: '>'. This means pressing the corresponding [F1], [F2], [F3] or
[F4] button will change to that function.

5) Bring the fader for Channel 1 all the way down.
6) Play the instrument or sing into the microphone connected to Input 1.
7) Adjust the input level by rotating the GAIN knob for Input One until the
meter shows level between -12dB and -4dB on the display.
8) Press the [F1-F4 ON/OFF] button.
9) Switch Channel One to post-fader status. Press F1 until 'ÞPre' appears in
the display.
10) Press [F1-F4 ON/OFF] button to return back to the main level display.
11) Raise Channel 1's fader until you see signal in the display.
12) Raise the red Master Fader to hear the output of Channel 1.