ME-80: Editing a Patch

Tags: memory,edit,custom

Any of the Patches in the ME-80 can be edited to your liking. Once you've edited your own Patch, you can then store it into any of the 36 User locations. 

Here's how:  

1. Select a Patch that you'd like to edit.

2. Press and release the EDIT button - "Ed" appears in the display.

3. Press the pedals to turn on or off the desired effect category. The LEDs will light indicating the effect is on.  (For example, if you want to add a Delay effect, press the DELAY(4) pedal so its LED is lit).

4. Turn the knobs to adjust the effect parameters as desired. If you've turned on the Delay, turn the Delay type knob to select the delay type, and then use the TIME, FEEDBACK, and E. LEVEL knobs to adjust the other Delay parameters.

5. When you're finished editing, press the WRITE button.

6. Press the BANK up or down pedals and the 1-4 pedals to choose a User Patch location to write to.

7. Press WRITE again.