JD-990: Using SR-JV80 Boards

Tags: expansion,jd-990,patch,board
To use a Patch from an SR-JV-80 Series Expansion Board in the JD-990, you must first load it into memory:

1. Press PATCH.

2. Press UTILITY.

3. Press F4 (CARD).

4. Press F5 (Ld PRM).

5. Use the VALUE dial to select EXP BOARD/JV or JD.

6. CURSOR RIGHT and use the VALUE dial to select the desired Patch.

NOTE: At this point you can audition all the Patches.

7. Press F6 (Execute) to load the selected Patch.

8. Press EXIT.

NOTE: The Patch is now in temporary memory. You can play and edit the Patch but you must save it to internal memory or to a card memory location to keep the Patch available.

1. Press UTILITY.

2. Press F1 (WRITE).

3. Use the VALUE dial to select a destination for your Patch.

4. Press F6 (EXECUTE).

5. If Write Protect is ON, use the VALUE dial to turn it OFF and press EXIT.

6. Press F6 (EXECUTE) again to save the Patch.