Muting the MAIN MIX While Monitoring Audio Through Headphones.

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In the M-16DX, it's possible to route channels 1-12 to the HEADPHONES/CONTROL ROOM outputs while bypassing the MAIN MIX. This is useful if you need to mute your speakers while recording audio with a microphone in the same room.

1. Press the MUTE(ALT) button for each channel so that the buttons are in the down position; these buttons are located directly above each channel's LEVEL knob.

2. Press the [ALT] button above the PHONES/CTRL ROOM volume knob so it's in the down position.
Note: Be sure that the MAIN MIX [ALT] button is NOT in the down position.

This routes each channel (1-12) directly to the headphones and CONTROL ROOM outputs--and not out of the MAIN MIX. If you would like to listen to the inputs through the MAIN MIX again while in this mode, press the [ALT] button (above the MAIN MIX volume knob) so that it's in the down position.

Note: Channels 13L/14R and 15L/16R will output their signal to the MAIN MIX, CONTROL ROOM, AND HEADPHONES at all times. It's not possible to route these channels to the headphones only.