BR-1180CD, BR-1180: Selecting a Song

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When the power is first turned on, Song 1 is selected automatically, and the data required to play back the song is loaded. When loading ends, the song name will appear in the display.
To change to a different song, follow the procedure given below.

1. Press UTILITY.

2. Use CURSOR < > to select the “SONG” icon, and press ENTER.

3. Press CURSOR < > to select the “SELECT” icon. Press ENTER. A list of songs is displayed.

If you recorded/edited, or modified the settings of the mixer section, etc.:
At this time, a screen will appear, asking you whether you wish to save the recorded data, the results of your work, and the current state of the mixer section. If you will want to reproduce the current state the next time you play back, press [YES]. If you wish to return to the original state, press [NO]. If you press [NO], all recording and editing operations that you performed on the current song, the current state of the mixer section, and any changes to the song patch will not be saved.
Please make your choice carefully.

4. Press CURSOR to select the song you wish to listen to.

5. Press ENTER. The song you selected will be loaded.