HPi-50e: How to change the Automatic shut off

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The HPi-50e is set to turn off automatically after 30 minutes. This can be changed easily, to your preference.  The available shut off times are:

- Never (Off)

- 10 minutes

- 30 minutes

- 240 minutes


Use the following procedure to make the change:

1) Press the [key touch] button and the [transpose] button at the same time.

2) Use the "Up" and "Down" arrow buttons to select "Auto Off"

3) Use the "Left" and "Right" arrows to designate the desired shut off time (as listed above)


To save this setting:

1) Scroll down two more parameters to "Memory Backup" using the "Down" arrow

2) Press the "Right" arrow to enter

3) Press the "Right" arrow again to highlight "Execute"

4) Press the "Circle" button to confirm