JUPITER-80 : Creating a Split

Tags: registration,jupiter-80,point,layer,jupiter,jp-80

In the JUPITER-80, you can split the keyboard and specify where the split point will be. In this example, we'll split the upper and lower parts.

1. Press EXIT to confirm that you're in the Registration menu, and then turn the VALUE dial to choose an "INIT REGIST" (Initialized Registration) that you want to edit.

2. Touch "EDIT" on the screen.

3. Touch "Utility" - the Registration Utility Menu appears in the lower right corner of the display.

4. Touch "Select"- Registration Initialize appears.

5. Touch "OK."

6. Press EXIT to return to the main Registration screen.

Note: By default, "Grand Piano 1" and "StringsSect 1" are assigned for the upper and lower parts.

7. Press the LOWER PART ON/OFF button so it is lit. This turns on the Lower Part.

8. To create a split between the lower and upper parts, press the SPLIT button so it is lit.

9. To adjust the split point, hold the SPLIT button and press the desired key on the keyboard where you would like your split to be.

10. To save the new setting, touch WRITE in the top of the display to show the Registration Write screen, and then touch WRITE in the lower right corner.