RD-300SX: Bulk Dump

Tags: bulk,load,dump,rd-300sx
Use the following procedure to Bulk Dump the Set Up data of the RD-300SX to an external MIDI sequencer:

1. Connect the RD-300SX to an external sequencer, using
an optional MIDI or USB cable.

2. Press EDIT so it is lit.

3. Press INC or DEC to select “UtL” then press the flashing ENTER button.

4. Press E.PIANO to display "b.d.S."

5. Put the external sequencer in record mode.

6. Press the flashing ENTER button. A confirmation screen (Sur) appears.

7. Press ENTER again to transmit the settings.

NOTE: The display will begin flashing indicating the Bulk Dump is proceeding. When the display returns to "UtL" the procedure has finished.

8. Stop the external sequencer.

9. Press the flashing EXIT button twice to return to the main display.