BR-1200CD, BR-1200: How to Recover Effect Patch Backups

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The process for recovering COSM Effect patch backups depends on whether they have been stored as "User Patches" (e.g. U001) or "Song Patches" (e.g. S001). User patches can be loaded into any song in the hard drive while Song patches can only be used in the song file that the Song patch was stored in.

Recovering User Effect Patches:

  1. Insert the effect backup CD disc into the BR-1200CD’s CD-R/RW drive.

  2. Press CD-R/RW [DATA SAVE/LOAD].

  3. Press [F2] (RECOVER) or move the cursor to the RECOVER icon, and then press [ENTER/YES].

  4. Press [F2] (USER) or move the cursor to USER, and then press [ENTER/YES].

  5. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select “EFFECT” and then press [F3] (GO).

  6. Press ENTER three times.
    NOTE: The process above will only recover User Patch settings. If you need to recover entire song data, follow the procedure below.

Recovering Song Effect Patches:

In order to recover Song Patches, you will need to recover the entire song.

  1. Insert the CD-R/RW disc containing the backup song(s) into the BR-1200CD's CD drive.
    Note: If your backup consists of multiple CD-R/RW backup discs, place the first backup disc into the BR-1200CD’s CD drive at this time.

  2. Press the DATA SAVE/LOAD button.

  3. CURSOR to "RECOVER" and press ENTER.

  4. CURSOR to "SONG" and press ENTER.

  5. CURSOR to the song(s) that you would like to Recover and then press F1(SELECT) (“*” will appear next to the title).

  6. Press F3(GO) to begin the song Recovery.