TDW-1, V-PRO-SET, TD-10: Two Sounds can be Heard Together when Striking the Bell or Bow of a CY-15R/CY-12RC.

Tags: td-10,tdw-1,v-pro-set
If a CY-15R or CY-12RC is connected to the TD-10, and two sounds are blending when striking the Bow or Bell, check the following possible scenarios:

For example: If you're on Drum Kit #1 "TDW-1", and striking the Bell or Bow of the CY-15R produces a "splash" cymbal sound along with a Ride sound.

- A TDW-1 expansion card WITH V-Cymbal Control has not been installed in the TD-10.
Install a TDW-1 with "V-Cymbal Control."

- Trigger Bank #2 is not selected.
Trigger Bank #2 is the default bank to use for the V-cymbals once the TDW-1 expansion is installed. Consequently, after the TDW-1 has been installed, or a Factory Reset has been performed in the TD-10, the Trigger Bank resets to Bank #1. Trigger Bank's 1, 3 or 4, will not allow the CY-15R to respond properly. In addition, the response and sensitivity of other CY series cymbals (CY-14C, CY-12H etc) will not be optimized.
To select Trigger Bank #2, use the following steps;
1. Press SETUP.
2. Press F1 twice.
3. Turn the VALUE dial to select "2."
4. Press EXIT twice or KIT when finished.

- Check your cables for the CY-15R;
Both cables need to be dual trigger. (These cables are included in the boxes with the CY cymbals). You can identify a dual trigger cable by the two black lines on each of the chrome ends.
Proper connections for the CY-15R into the TD-10 are as follows:
Connect the BELL/BOW output on the CY-15R to the RIDE 10 INPUT on the TD-10.
Connect the BOW/ EDGE output on the CY-15R to the AUX 1 input on the TD-10.