D-70: Data Transfer via System Exclusive - Bulk Dump/Bulk Load

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A Bulk Dump or Bulk Load creates or re-loads a backup for archiving internal data. Use the following procedure to perform a Bulk Dump or Bulk Load:

1. Press EDIT.

2. Press F5 [System].

3. Use the CURSORS and VALUE dial to set the Unit Number to "17" and Exclusive RX to "On."

NOTE: The value of the Unit Number can vary, however it is important that it remain constant when transmitting or receiving system exclusive data.

The D-70 must now be set to Extended Product Mode.

4. Power off.

5. While holding NUMBER 5 turn the unit on.

For Bulk Dump:

6a. Select F1 [Dump All].

7a. Begin recording on your sequencer, then press ENTER on the D-70.

8a. When finished, power the D-70 off and on.

For Bulk Load:

6b. Select F2 [Load All], then press Enter.

7b. Play the data in from the sequencer.

8b. After loading, power the D-70 off and on.