ME-25: Edit Mode

Tags: details,memories,me-25
You can edit any of the ME-25’s memories to your liking. This includes turning on or off specific effects, or editing effect parameters. In this example, we’ll turn on and adjust the delay.

1. Before using Edit mode, press the EXIT button.

2. Select a memory you’d like to edit.

3. Press the WRITE and EXIT buttons simultaneously.

4. Press the LEAD/DELAY button so it’s flashing.

5. Turn the VARIATION/TYPE knob to 3 — this selects the "3: 1000-6000ms DELAY" setting.

6. Turn the PARAM 1 knob to adjust the delay time, the PARAM 2 knob to adjust the feedback, and PARAM 3 to adjust the delay effect level.

7. Repeat Steps 4-6 to turn on other effects and edit their parameters.
Tip: To turn off an effect, press the corresponding button so its LED isn’t lit.

8. When you’re finished editing, press EXIT.