RD-700NX: Saving Your Settings In A Live Set

Tags: save,live,write,set,rd-700nx
The RD-700NX has 100 live set memory locations in which you can save your favorite settings. Use the following procedure to save your current settings as a live set on the RD-700NX.

1. Press the WRITE button so it lights.

2. Using the left and right arrow cursor buttons to select character positions and the INC/DEC buttons to select characters, enter the name you want to use for your new live set.

3. Press the down arrow cursor button to highlight the number at the bottom of the display, and then turn the dial to select a live set memory location.

Note: The live set User memory locations contain demonstration live sets. Feel free to replace them with your own live sets.

4. Press the flashing ENTER button to display "Are You Sure?"

5. Press ENTER once more to display "Executing..." and to finish saving your live set.