V-BASS: Editing Patch Effects

Tags: v-bass
Use the following procedure to edit the currently selected patch's effects:

1. Select the 15-3 Mod Bass patch.

2. Press EFFECTS.

3. Press < > to display the effects in Mod Bass.

4. Press < > to display the Delay effect.

5. The top row of F buttons turn the displayed effects on and off. Press F3 to select the delay and turn it on.

6. You can turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to choose pre-programmed settings for the delay, or select CUSTOM to program the effect from scratch. Select CUSTOM for this example.

7. To edit an effect's parameters, press the bottom-row F button - F4-F6 - beneath the effect. Press F6 to edit the delay.

8. Press F1 to select the delay time, and turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to set its value.

Note: To preserve your new settings, save your edits as a user patch.