PMA-5: Recording a User Style

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The PMA-5 has 200 User Style memory locations for recording and storing your own recorded styles. Use the following procedure to record a User Style:

1. Touch STYLE.

2. If necessary, touch the [P] icon so it is flashing.

3. Use VALUE + / - to select [U] so it is flashing.

4. Touch the Style number so it is flashing.

5. Use VALUE + / - to select an empty style, “Usr010-U” for example.

6. Use the page arrow [>] icon to display “Inst.”

7. Use VALUE + / - to select a Tone.

8. Touch ENTER.

9. Touch the [Save] icon to confirm your selection.

10. Use the page arrow [>] icon to display “Style Length.”

11. Use VALUE + / - to select the number of measures in the Style.

12. Touch Record so it is lit red.

13. Touch Play so it is flashing green and begin recording.

14. Touch Stop when finished.

15. Touch EXIT to return to the main menu.

NOTE: Each Style contains four Track areas A1, A2, Bs and Dr. Use these steps to record additional tracks one at a time.