VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824CD: Applying Snapshot Automix

Tags: vs-1680,vs-1880,realtime,vs-1824cd,mixing,gradation,snapshot,automx
Applying a Snapshot Automix allows you to automatically mix your song at specific marker points in your mix. A Snapshot is a term taken from photography meaning "pose and shoot." This allows the user to stop, set and record a specific mixer setting to a specific Marker in time. A Snapshot Automix is a more precise modification to a mix as opposed to the Realtime Automix. It is recommended that a Automix Snaphot be taken at the very beginning of the song to establish the initial mixer settings of any Automixed song. There are 999 Markers to use with Automix.

Use the following procedure to perform a Snapshot Automix:

1. Press Automix. (The Input & Track Select rows will begin to flash indicating they are ready for automation.)
2. Set the desired Levels and Panning within your tracks.
3. Take Snapshot at begining of song by holding down SCENE and pressing TAP. (Your Marker number should increase by one each time you take a snapshot.)
4. Proceed to another time and change mixer settings.
5. Repeat step 3.
6. Return to beginning of song to playback song with Automix on.