JV-30: Accessing User Tones from an External MIDI Sequencer

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The JV-30 does not actually store User Tones in a location that can be
addressed by a simple program change message. Instead, it transmits the
settings for Attack, Decay, Release, Resonance, Freq. Cutoff, LFO Rate, LFO
Delay, and LFO Depth each time you access a User Tone from the front panel.
This information can be recorded in your sequencer so that during playback
these parameters can be automatically recalled. Make sure that your sequencer
is setup to record Continuous Controller (CC) messages.

Use the following procedure to record this information into your song:

1) Put your sequencer into record mode.
2) With your sequencer recording, select the desired User Tone by pressing the
corresponding Bank and Number buttons on the JV-30.
3) Stop your sequencer.

To confirm that the information has been recorded, check the Event List on your
sequencer or a Micro editing page. These messages are Non Registered Parameter
Numbers (NRPN) and will be represented by continuous controller numbers 98, 99,
and 6.