VK-7: Transmitting / Receiving Harmonic Bar Settings

Tags: vk-7
When the VK-7 is connected to another MIDI device, transmit or receive settings
of the harmonic bar can be turned on or off. Use the following procedure to
select the harmonic bar MIDI transmit / receive condition:

1) Press EDIT.
2) Press SYSTEM MIDI to display "Edit Mode."
3) Use < or > to display "Rx H. Bar" to select the receive menu or "Tx H. Bar"
to select the transmit menu.
4) Use + or - to select "Mode 1", "Mode 2" or "Off."
5) Press "EXIT" or "EDIT" to exit Edit mode.

NOTE: "Mode 1" transmits and receives system exclusive messages, "Mode 2"
transmits and receives control change messages and "Off" will not transmit or
receive any messages.