VS-2480, VS-2480CD, VS-2480DVD, VS-1680, VS-1880, VS-1824CD: Transferring Backups to an Earlier VS Recorder

Tags: export,import,backup,recover,transfer,model,older,newer

The VS-2480 allows you to export the current project so that it can be played earlier models of the VS recorders including:

• VS-880
• VS-880EX
• VSR-880
• VS-890
• VS-1680
• VS-1880

Note: The VS-2480 cannot export a project directly to the VS-840’s data format. You can export a project as VS-880 data, and use the VS-840’s Song Convert feature to load the data.

When you export a song to an earlier V-Studio, the VS-2480 converts it into a project format of the earlier V-Studio. You can export backed-up song data to a CD. After the earlier V-Studio recovers the song, it’s loaded as the current project. The following steps will guide you through this procedure.

  1. Connect the Zip drive or CD-R/RW drive that you intend to use for the EXPORT procedure.
  2. Load the desired project into the VS-2480.
  3. Press PROJECT.
  4. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the drive to which you want to export the project.
    Note: If “EXPORT” is not visible above F4, press PAGE until it is.
  5. Press F4 (EXPORT).
  6. If you’ve selected a CD-R/RW drive:
    •  Set the Verify to ON and CD Speed to MAX

    If you’ve selected a Zip drive:
    Set Mode to determine the type of exported data you wish to create. You can select:
    • Archive—if the project won’t fit on a single Zip disk or if you simply prefer to export it as a song archive.
    • Playable—if the project will fit on a single Zip disk.
    Note: In order to export a project as a playable song to a Zip disk, the Zip disk must first be formatted by the VS-2480.
  7. Set the Save As parameter to select the type of V-Studio data the VS-2480 will be export to.
  8. Set the Export Track parameter to the VS-2480 tracks that you would like to export to the earlier model V-Studio.
  9. Press F5 (OK). The VS-2480 asks if you want to save any recent changes you’ve made to the current project before proceeding.
  10. Press ENTER/YES to save any recent changes.
  11. After the backup has completed, you can then use the Recover function in your earlier model V-Studio to load this backup into the unit.

    • If a project is too large to fit on the medium you’re using, the VS-2480 asks you for additional media as needed. Insert the requested media and press ENTER/YES.
    • During a multi-CD export operation, the VS-2480 asks for each disk twice: once to label the disk, and once to actually write data on the disk.