GT-PRO: Setting the Output Destination

Tags: signal,gt-pro,assinging
The signal in the GT-PRO can be routed to the different outputs (MAIN / SUB) as desired. This can be assigned per patch, or even globally. Use the following steps to assign the outputs globally:


2. Press PARAMETER Right (>) to until you see "Output Channel."

3. Turn the VALUE dial to choose the desired setting;

PATCH: Signals are output according to the selected setting in the patch's Master Output setting (refer to page #55 in the GT-Pro manual).

MAIN: Signals are output from the MAIN OUT jacks.

SUB: Signals are output from the SUB OUT jacks.

MAIN + SUB: Signals are output from both the MAIN OUT and SUB OUT jacks.

4. Press EXIT when you're finished. The setting is saved automatically.