GT-6: Selecting Patches

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The GT-6 has 340 patches that are organized by Bank and Number. There are 140 User patches and 200 preset patches arranged in 85 banks. (Each bank contains 4 patches). Patches are displayed with either a "U" or a "P," indicating "User" or "Preset." Patches 1-1 through 35-4 are User patches and Patches 36-1 through 85-4 are Preset patches. Use the following procedure to select a patch:

1. Press the BANK UP or BANK DOWN pedals to select the desired bank.

2. Press Pedals 1-4 to select patches within the bank. The red led on the pedal will light when the corresponding patch is selected.

Tip: You can also turn the PATCH/VALUE dial to scroll through the banks and patches.

3. Use the above procedure to try these patches:
35-1 (TEMPO DELAY), 67-4 (PEDAL UNI-V), and 83-1 (AUTORIFF KEY=D)