STUDIO-CAPTURE, UA-1610: SYMPTOM: AUTO-SENS Function Not Working Properly

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The following will troubleshoot the STUDIO-CAPTURE in the event that the AUTO-SENS function is not responding properly.

Connecting Audio Devices:

  1. Connect the microphones and/or instruments into the desired inputs.
  2. Turn up the output volume on the external instruments and turn off any attenuation on the microphones (if applicable).
  3. If your microphone requires phantom power (48 volts), turn Phantom power ON by pressing the input channel button to select the channel and then pressing the  button so that it illuminates--indicating Phantom power for that channel is ON.

    NOTE: Phantom power is only supplied to the XLR inputs and is not supplied to the 1/4" inputs.

Setting up AUTO-SENS:

  1. Press the VALUE knob inward.
  2. Use the up and down cursor buttons  to select "AUTO SENSE" on the screen and then press right cursor button.
  3. Use the cursor buttons and the VALUE dial to set “AUTO-SENS" to “MANUAL.” The AUTO-SENS setting will not finish until you press the [AUTO-SENS] button again. We have found this "MANUAL" setting to have better results than the "AUTO" setting.
  4. Set the "AUTO-SENS Margin" to "6."
  5. Press the DISPLAY button to return to the main screen.

Using the AUTO-SENS function:

  1. Press the AUTO-SENS button so that it is blinking.
  2. While the button is blinking, play or sing the loudest section of the song into the connected microphones and/or instruments.
  3. After playing or singing, press the AUTO-SENS button again to finish. The input sensitivity is automatically adjusted so it matches the input level.

    If no sound, or low volume, is input after completing these steps, there may be an issue with the audio cable or external audio device (e.g. mic, instrument, etc). Troubleshoot by testing with another cable and possibly another external audio device to pin-point the source of the issue.