RC-20XL: Recording a Phrase (Loop)

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The RC-20XL has the ability to record phrases on the fly. Use the following steps to record a phrase into the RC-20XL:

1. With a standard ¼-inch instrument cable, connect your guitar (or instrument) to the INST input on the back panel of the RC-20XL.

2. Turn the PHRASE SELECT knob to choose an unused phrase. (When the green LOOP PHRASE indicator is unlit, you’ve selected an unused phrase.)

3. Press the MODE button repeatedly until the red indicator next to INST&MIC lights.

4. Turn the INST knob to adjust the recording level.

5. Step on the left foot pedal—the REC indicator lights to show the recording process has begun.

6. Perform the phrase.

7. When you’re finished, step on the left foot pedal to stop recording. The PLAY indicator lights and the phrase you recorded begins to play automatically. You can adjust the volume of the phrase by turning the LEVEL knob.

8. To overdub another performance, step on the left pedal again—the OVERDUB indicator lights. This means the RC-20XL is recording without erasing what you had previously recorded.

9. To stop recording, step on the left foot pedal. The PLAY indicator lights and the RC-20XL plays your original performance and the overdub.

Tip: You can overdub as many times as you like until the RC-20XL’s internal memory runs out.

10. To undo your most recent overdub, press and hold the left foot pedal for two seconds. The OVERDUB indicator lights for one second and then flashes rapidly. The RC-20XL returns to Play mode and the overdub is erased.
Note: The undo feature only removes the most recently recorded overdub. Also, once you save the overdub into the RC-20XL’s internal memory, you no longer have the ability to undo it.