V-Combo VR-700: Splitting the VR-700 with Two Drawbar Organ Sounds

Tags: split,vr-700,v-combo
Use the following procedure to split the keyboard. (To learn how to set up two full-sized physical keyboards using an external keyboard, see Page 8 of the Owner's Manual.)

1 If any ENSEMBLE BUTTONS are lit, press them so they're not lit. Doing this automatically turns on the HARMONIC BARS ORGAN ON button.

2 Press SPLIT—the dual-manual split is turned on, and the current split point is shown in the display.

Note: You can use the -/+ buttons to change the split point if needed. To change the split point later on, you can double-click the SPLIT button, and use the -/+ buttons to set the split as desired.

Note: To change either the upper- or lower-manual sound using the drawbars, press the HARMONIC BARS area's UPPER or LOWER button, respectively, to light it, assigning the drawbars to the control of the desired manual.

Note: If you’re not using a pedal keyboard and would prefer the characteristic pedal sound for your left hand instead of the lower manual, hold down LOWER and UPPER and press SPLIT so it lights.