GM-70: Bulk Load

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The GM-70 can receive a "bulk load" file transfer of the internal memory from
an external device. Use the following procedure to receive a bulk load:

1) Move the MIDI IN/RRC IN selector switch on the rear of the unit to MIDI IN.
2) Press WRITE to display "PROTECT=ON."
3) Use VALUE ^ / v to select "PROTECT=OFF."
4) Press DATA TRANSFER so it is lit.
5) Use FUNCTION ^ / v to display "MIDI RX CH=??"
6) Use VALUE ^ / v to set the receive channel.
7) Use FUNCTION ^ / v to display "BULK LOAD=??"
8) Use VALUE ^ / v to select the information to be received.
9) Press ENTER to display "LOAD."
10) Begin sending the file from the external device. The display will change to
11) When the transfer is complete the display will return to the play mode.

NOTE: Bulk receive/load choices are:
ALL - All internal memory data.
11/88 - Group A
-11/88 - Group B
SYSTEM - System