RD-700GXF: Adjusting the Part Volume in a Layer or Split

Tags: volume,split,part,layer,rd-700gxf

The RD-700GXF allows you to use up to 4 sounds at a time in a Layer or a Split . Depending on the sounds you select, you may need to adjust the volume of the individual sounds. For example, in a piano and strings layer, you may need to lower the volume of the string sound so that it doesn't overwhelm the sound of the piano. Use the following procedure to adjust the relative volume or loudness of the parts in a Layer or a Split:

1. After creating a SPLIT or LAYER, press the ZONE INFO button so it is flashing.

2. Use the UP / DOWN CURSOR buttons to select the part you wish to edit.

3. Use the LEFT / RIGHT CURSOR buttons to highlight the "VOL" column.

4. Use the INC / DEC buttons to set the Volume amount.

NOTE: If you wish to save your settings, be sure to save them to a new USER SET UP.