VS-2480, VS-2400: Using Tap To Create A Tempo Map

Tags: vs-2400,vs-2480,tempo,map,tap
You can use the [TAP] button to help you create a Tempo Map for a song that was recorded without the internal metronome.


2. Use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] or the [ZERO] button to move to a few seconds before any recorded tracks start playing.

3. Press [PLAY]. When the music starts, press [TAP] at every beat or quarter note (depending on what the song's time signature is) all of the way through the end of the song. You will see small triangles appear at the top of the playlist on your screen indicating beat markers.

Don't worry if you mis-tapping the first beat once the music starts. After you have completed tapping for the entire song, you can go back to the beginning and find the precise start of the song by using the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] and then pressing [TAP] to create a beat marker without the VS playing.

4. Next press [UTILITY].

5. Press the [PAGE] button to get to Page 2.

6. Press [F1] for the "Tempo Map" screen.

7. Press [F1] again for the "Tempo Map Covert" screen.

8. [ARROW/CURSOR] to the "Convert Type" field. Turn your [TIME/VALUE DIAL] until "Tap - Tempo Map" appears.

9. [ARROW/CURSOR] to the "Beat" field and select the correct time signature for your song.

10. [ARROW/CURSOR] to the "Tap Beat" field and select the subdivision of the time signature that you tapped in. For example, if your time signature is 4/4 and you tapped at every quarter note, then you would enter 4 in this field. If you tapped 8th notes, then you would enter 8 in this field, and so on.

11. Press [ENTER]. A dialog box will pop-up on your screen asking if you want to "Overwrite Tempo Map".

12. Press [ENTER] again to overwrite the default tempo map.

13. After "DONE!" has flashed on your screen, you can press [EXIT] and see the new tempo map that you've created in the Tempo Map screen. You will most likely have varying tempos from bar to bar within 1 to 1.5 beats per minute (depending on the consistency of your taps).

NOTE : If you are working with a recorded performance that was played from a midi sequencer at a constant tempo, you don't have to tap in beat markers for the whole song. You can [TAP] or place beat markers through the 1st bar only. Then continue with steps 4 through 13 above. You will end up with a Tempo Map that has a constant tempo throughout your song.