VS-880: Routing all Inputs to One Track

Tags: input,vs-880,routing,route
When routing multiple inputs to a single track it is necessary to switch to the INPUT MIX mode to route your signals - this routing cannot be performed in INPUT-TRACK mode. Use the following procedure to route multiple input signals to a single track:

1. Press and hold SHIFT, then press SELECT in the MIXER MODE section to change from INPUT TRACK to INPUT MIX. If TRACK MIX was originally selected, just press SELECT.

2. Hold SHIFT and press CH EDIT 1.

3. Press CH EDIT 1 button.

4. Use the TIME/VALUE dial to select the stereo buss you want to route the input to. For example, to send signal to track 1, set this to "IN1 Buss Sel= 1-2".

5. Press PARAMETER RIGHT. "IN1 BUSS Level=" is displayed. Raise the #1 fader to 0 db (the screen will show "Buss Level=100"). Press PARAMETER RIGHT again. "IN1 BUSS Pan=" will be displayed. Use the Pan knob of the input to select either the left (odd number) or to the right (even number). For example, to send the whole signal to track 1, set this to "L63".

6. Hold SHIFT and press CH EDIT 1. Repeat steps 3-5 for channels 2-4 (or 2-6 if you are using the digital input).

7. Press SELECT to switch to TRACK MIX mode. Press STATUS on the receiving channel until it blinks red for record, and raise the fader on that channel.

8. Press REC and PLAY transport buttons to start recording.