GT-8: Clearing a Patch (Initialization)

Tags: reset,gt-8
You can clear, or “initialize,” any user patch. This can be handy when you want to build a patch from scratch, starting from a clean slate. Use the following steps to initialize a user patch:

Note: Initializing completely resets the parameters of the selected patch. If you’ve edited the current patch or want to keep the current factory settings of the patch, be sure to write the patch to another user memory location before initializing.

1. Turn the PATCH/VALUE dial or use the BANK Up/Down and 1-4 pedals to select the user patch you’d like to initialize.

2. Press the WRITE button.

3. Press the PARAMETER > button until “Initialize” appears in the display. To cancel the initialization process at this point, press EXIT.

4. Press WRITE. The patch is now initialized.