BR-532: Recording Tracks Without Effects (Dry)

Tags: input,loop,record,effects,bypass,recording,br-532,dry,cosm
By default a COSM Effects patch is inserted on the input that you are plugged into. Because the COSM Effect is inserted, when you record a track, the COSM Effect gets recorded as well. These are standard types of effects used for recording. If you don't want to record the COSM effect do the following :

1. Press the COSM Effects button twice. This will bypass the effects. Press EXIT/NO

2. Press the REC TRACK button for the track that you want to record on. Use your INPUT SENS knob and INPUT LEVEL knob to readjust your input level.

3. At this point you may hear some type of effect like Reverb or Chorus, however that will not be recorded.

4. If you want to turn that off as well, press LOOP EFFECTS. Use the left PARAMETER button to cursor to IN. Use the TIME/VALUE DIAL to change the number to zero. Press the right PARAMETER button until you see the "LOOP 1-2-3-4" on your screen. Turn down the level there on all tracks 1-4 to 0.

5. Make sure your REC TRACK fader is up and the MASTER fader is at a comfortable listening level. What you hear at this point should be a signal without any effects (dry).

6. Press REC + PLAY to record you dry signal.