BR-1600, BR-1600CD: Recording a guitar or bass with effects?

Tags: effects,recording,bass,cosm,br-1600,guitar

The GUITAR/BASS input is located on the front of the machine near the CD burner. Pluging your guitar or bass into the input on the front takes precidence over the INPUT-1/MIC-1 on the backside.

1- Press the GUITAR/BASS input select button on the top
left of the board, and you will use the Input-1 INPUT
SENSITIVITY knob to set your level.

2- Play your instrument at the loudest level that you wish to record, and adjust the INPUT SENS knob until the PEAK indicator lights up. Once you have raised it enough to light up, turn the knob back slightly so that it only occasionally might light the PEAK indicator when played at the loudest/hardest level.

3- Press the COSM EFFECTS button so that it lights, which
indicates that the effects are turned on. Press the COSM effect button until the effects screen appears. You can
dial to select different effects and preview how they
sound before beginning to record. The Catagory of
effects defaults to the type of INPUT or INSTRUMENT
selected, but you can cursor to it and change it to
pick any catagory of effects (i.e. Guitar, Vocal, Line).

4- If you press the F3 (LOCATION) you can determine if you
want to record with the effect or just hear the effect without "printing" it to the track permanently.

The LOCATION options are:

A)-- INPUT (NORMAL) This will allow you to hear the effect
and it will be recorded (PRINTED) on the track.

B)-- INPUT (RECORD DRY) This will allow you to hear the
effect, but it will not be recorded to the track.

C)-- TRACK Apply the effect to a specific track after
it is recorded. You have the option to bounce tracks
later if you want to print the effect on a track.

5- Press the UTILITY button until you return to the main
screen, check your levels and press RECORD & PLAY to
begin recording.