BR-532: Arranging a Pattern on the BR-532

Tags: rhythm,pattern,br-532,arrange
Pattern arrange is a series of steps. Each change in the drum pattern (style or form) is considered a step. The step indicator is located in the top left corner of the Pattern Arrange screen. You can set a maximum of 50 steps per arrangement.
For this example, we'll arrange a 18 measure song with an intro, verse 1, fill, verse 2, and an ending. It's best to clear out any previous arangements that may be stored before starting this procedure by using the Delete All [DEL ALL] procedure.

1. Press the PATTERN ARRANGE button. The cursor should be on the step indicator and set at "01:". The starting measure, at the bottom right corner of the screen, will always be set to "001" for step 1.

2. Press PARAMETER RIGHT twice. Now select the style "ROCK4" with the TIME/VALUE dial.

3. Press PARAMETER RIGHT once more, and select the form "IN" with the TIME/VALUE dial. Since the intro is one measure long, the next step will have the starting measure of "002".

4. Press PARAMETER LEFT three times to get back to the step indicator.

5. Turn the Time/Value dial so that the step indicator says " 02:".

6. Press PARAMETER RIGHT once and set the time signature to 4/4, then press PARAMETER RIGHT again and change the style and form to "Rock 1-V1".

7. Press PARAMETER LEFT several times to select the step indicator and change it to "03:" with the TIME/VALUE dial. Using PARAMETER again, select 4/4 and PARAMETER again to set "Rock 3- F1". To designate how long the verse pattern (Rock 1-V1) plays, we need to adjust the starting measure for the fill that happens after the verse pattern.

8. PARAMETER to the starting measure indicator at the bottom right of the screen. Select "010" with the TIME/VALUE dial. This allows the verse pattern to play for 8 measures.

9. Press PARAMETER LEFT back to the step indicator and select "04:".

10. With PARAMETER RIGHT again, select "Rock1- V2" and PARAMETER RIGHT 3 times to make the starting measure "011".

11. PARAMETER LEFT all the way back to the step indicator and select "05:".

12. PARAMETER RIGHT two times to select "Rock 1-End" and PARAMETER RIGHT and use the TIME/VALUE dial to change the starting measure to "018".

13. PARAMETER LEFT back to the step indicator and select "06:". In order for the pattern to stop playing at the end of the song we need to add a "Break" at the end.

14. Press PARAMETER RIGHT twice and select "Break" for the style and form. The starting measure should be set at "019".

15. To save this pattern, PARAMETER all the way to the right until you get to "WRITE". Press Enter and write it to "U01". Press ENTER. "Are you sure?" is displayed. Press ENTER. Now whenever "U01" is selected. it will play this arrangement.