VS-880: Compatibility of VS-1680 Drives/Data Disks or DAT Backups with the VS-880

Tags: compatible,backup,vs-880,drive,disk,dat
When an internal hard drive that has been used on a VS-1680 is installed into a VS-880, or when Zip disks that have been used by a VS-1680 are inserted into a Zip drive attached to a VS-880, they are recognized as an initialized disk (provided they meet the following conditions).

Partition space:
1 gig or less (Even if the disk has been initialized with the "Partition" set to "2000 MB," the disk can be used if the actual partition is 1 gig or less.)

Partition numbers:
1-4 (5-8 cannot be used)

Song data that has been saved using the DAT backup procedure on the VS-1680 cannot be recovered (restored) by the VS-880.

The VS-880 cannot recognize songs recorded on the VS-1680; however the VS-880 can create new songs on the disk.