TD-7: Assigning Individual Outputs

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To use individual outputs on a TD-7, you will have to sacrifice the digital
effects. Output 1 is linked to Reverb/Delay, and Output 2 is linked to
Chorus/Flanger. To assign a sound to an Individual Output, use the following

1) From the Patch Play screen, press the SYSTEM button
2) CURSOR to [SET] then press ENTER
3) Set Send 1 to INDIV1, and Send 2 to INDIV2.
4) Press EXIT twice to return to play mode.

Output levels are now controlled by the Send1 Level and Send2 Level parameters
found in the EDIT/ INSTRUMENT Mode. Use the following procedure to assign the
appropriate instruments to the desired individual outs:

1) From the Patch Play screen, press the EDIT button.
2) Use the CURSOR buttons to choose INST and press ENTER.
3) Use the CURSOR buttons to move to the bottom left hand parameter.
4) Use the DATA DIAL to select Send1 Level for ( INDIV1 Level), or Send2 Level
for ( INDIV2 Level).

**It is important to mention that sound will be heard through the stereo outs
if a value is assigned to Out Level. Setting the Out Level to 0 will remove the
instrument from the stereo outputs.**

5) Strike the pad to select the correct instrument.

6) Press the RIGHT CURSOR button and change the value to the desired level.

NOTE: Make sure to check the levels of both instruments (Send 1 and Send 2)
Send1Level=Volume of instrument out the INDIV1 output.
Send2Level=Volume of instrument out the INDIV2 output.