BR-900CD, BR-900: Setting Up an Internal Metronome

Tags: track,tempo,click,beat,metrome

The BR-900CD's Rhythm Arrangement can be used to setup a metronome in place of a drum performance when recording or practicing. In order to have a tempo be saved with a Song file, a Rhythm Arrangement, and not a Pattern, will be used. The following will guide you through setting up a metronome to a tempo that will be saved with the Song file:

  1. Press the ARRANGE button so that it is lit solid (not blinking).

  2. Use the CURSOR buttons and the TIME/VALUE dial to select "P50:Metro4/4" on the screen. This selects the Preset metronome Arrangement. Since the Preset Arrangements (e.g. P01 through P50) cannot be modified, we will copy this to a Song Arrangement (e.g. S01 through S05). Song Arrangements CAN be modified.

  3. Press EDIT

  4. CURSOR to [COPY] and press ENTER.

  5. Use the CURSOR buttons and the TIME/VALUE dial to select an empty arrangement. For example: S01 : EMPTY001.

  6. Press ENTER twice. The Preset Arrangement P50:Metro4/4 has now been copied.

  7. CURSOR to the left to select [STEP] and then press ENTER.

  8. CURSOR to the "120.00" tempo on the screen and then use the TIME/VALUE dial to change the tempo to a desired setting.
    NOTE: Be sure that the top left of the screen indicates "1:".

  9. Press EXIT twice to store your changes and to get back to the main screen.

  10. Make sure the RHYTHM and MASTER faders volume are up and then press PLAY to hear the metronome.