VSR-880: VSR-880 is stuck 'scanning' on power up

Tags: vsr-880,power,frozen,locked,up,stuck
A unit that has locked up on power up is usually scanning looking for SCSI termination. The internal SCSI termination switch has been turned to "off."

To turn the SCSI self termination back on use the following procedure:

1) Turn the VSR-880 off.
2) Connect a properly terminated SCSI drive (such as a CD burner) to the SCSI port on the back of the VSR-880.
3) Turn on the external SCSI drive.
4) Power up the VSR-880.
5) Once the unit has powered on, Hold down SHIFT and SYSTEM.
6) Press ENT/Yes.
7) PARAMETER to the right 24 times to "SCSI Term ="
8) Use the TIME/VALUE wheel to select "On"
9) Press PLAY/DISPLAY to return to the main screen.