UA-20: SYMPTOM: Latency while monitoring recording in Cubase

Tags: ua-20,latency
Low latency is dependent on three things: your digital audio standard (MME, WDM, ASIO), your sound card and your computer's performance. The UA-20 supports ASIO, as does Cubase, so you should get reasonably low latency. 12ms of latency with no distortion is actually quite good, especially for an affordable device like the UA-20. In most applications, 12ms of latency will be undetectable to the ear.

Try the latest driver set 2.0 to see if you can go even lower. But in all likelihood, you'll only gain a few milliseconds at best.

To install the new driver, delete your UA-20 devices in Device Manager > Sound, Video and Game Controllers. Then unplug the UA-20's USB cable. Download the driver from our website. Unzip it into a new folder. Plug in your UA-20, then guide the New Hardware Wizard to the unzipped folder to find the drivers. Reboot.

Then, set the UA-20 as your ASIO device in Cubase. Adjust the buffer size for lower latency, then test for sound quality. At some point, you will find a happy medium between high sound quality and low latency.