GP-100: Realtime Control

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With an FC-200 MIDI Foot Controller, expression pedal, or foot switch, it is possible to control up to 16 parameters of the GP-100 in realtime - 8 continuous and 8 effects on/off. Connect the FC-200 to the MIDI IN and an expression pedal to the EXP Pedal jack on the back. The CONTROL 1/2 jack can be used with a PCS-31 insert cable and two FS-5U foot pedals to turn effects on and off without changing a patch. To program the GP-100 to respond to the expression and control pedal on the FC-200:

1. Rotate PARAMETER until the screen reads [Assign 2 Target]. Rotate VALUE to select parameters. (Assign 1 can only be used for volume or wah. Assign 2 through 8 can target any parameter).

2. Rotate PARAMETER to [Assign 2 Min] and use VALUE to set the range. Repeat for [Assign 2 Max].

3. Rotate PARAMETER to [Assign 2 Source] and VALUE to [MIDI CTL #7] for FC pedal, [MIDI CTL #80] for FC switch, [EXP PEDAL] or [CONTROL 1/2] for pedals.

4. Experiment with the pedal to see how it controls the sound parameters in realtime.