VK-77: Naming Registrations

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The VK-77 has 128 Registration memory locations to store user settings. Use the
following procedure to name and save a Registration:

1) Press EDIT so it is lit.
2) Use the < / > buttons to display "REGIST BASIC."
3) Press ENTER.
4) Use the ^ / v buttons to display "Regist Name."
5) Use the < / > buttons to move the cursor and the + / - buttons to select
characters for the name.
6) Press WRITE.
7) Press A/B to select a memory Group.
8) Press Bank so it is lit.
9) Press a flashing number button to select a memory Bank.
10) Press a number button to select a memory Number.
11) Press WRITE to display "Sure?"
12) Press ENTER to confirm your selection.