HandSonic, HPD-15: Recording a Pattern

Tags: handsonic,hpd-15
A pattern can contain up to four parts: Percussion 1, Percussion 2, Melody 1 and Melody 2. Use the following steps to record the Percussion 1 part in a looping pattern:

1. Press SEQUENCER so it's lit.

2. Turn PATCH/VALUE dial to select a new, unused user pattern. (Unused patterns have a "#" to the left of the word "User" on the display.)

3. Press REC so it's lit.

4. Press PARAMETER RIGHT to select "RecMode" and use the PATCH/VALUE dial to select "Loop All."

5. Press PLAY to begin recording. You will hear a 1 measure count-in before recording begins.

6. Press PLAY/STOP when you've finished recording.

7. Press WRITE to save your part.

8. Press PLAY/STOP to listen to the new pattern.

Note: To learn how to set up a pattern and how to record other parts, see your Owner's Manual.