VS-2480: Using A Project's Scenes And Settings In Other Recorded Projects

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You can use the Scenes from one Project in other Projects that you've already recorded in by transmitting the VS's settings as midi system exclusive (sys.ex) data through MIDI BULK DUMP to and from a midi sequencer.

For example, this would be useful if you had created a mixer scene in a project that contained the levels, panning and effects that you used for a master mix. But now you wanted to apply those same settings in another project that had the same instruments recorded on the same tracks.

MIDI BULK DUMP - TRANSMIT (Sending VS Settings To Your Sequencer)

1. Connect a midi cable from the MIDI OUT/THUR port on the back of your VS recorder to one of the MIDI IN ports on your computer's midi interface, or the MIDI IN port on your hardware sequencer or keyboard midi workstation.

3.In your midi software or your sequencer make sure that it is enabled to receive and send all system exclusive messages. Also arm a midi track to record the sys.ex data from the VS to on your sequencer.

4. On your VS, load the Project that you want to save the settings for.

5. Press [UTILITY] and use the [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to select MIDI PRM. Press [ENTER/YES]to view the MIDI PARAMETER screen.

6. Use the [TIME VALUE DIAL] to turn MIDI OUT/THRU to "OUT".

7. Using the [ARROW/CURSOR] buttons, navigate to SysEx.Rx SW and use your [TIME/VALUE DIAL] to turn that option to "ON".

8. Navigate to SysEx.Tx SW and turn that option to "ON".

9. Press [F5]BlkDmp (Bulk Dump).

10. On the Bulk Dump page, you can choose which BULK TARGET parameters (Scenes, EZ User Routings, User Effect Patches) that you will dump to the sequencer as sys.ex data. Navigate to the parameters that you want to dump and turn them to "ALL" or a specific Scene Location, User Patch Location, or User Routing Template.

11. Also turn the BULK TX. SW to "ON" for each of the parameters as well.

12. Press [F1]BULKTx (Bulk Transmit). The VS will say "Send BULK DUMP OK?"

13. Go to your sequencer and start recording.

14. Press [ENTER/YES] on your VS to start the Bulk Dump transmission. A progress bar will appear on the VS to let you know when the process has finished. You should also see some indication on your sequencer that it is receiving midi data from the VS. The VS will say "DONE!" when it has finished.

15. Stop recording on your sequencer.

MIDI BULK DUMP - RECEIVE (Receiving VS Settings From Your Sequencer)

NOTE : By following the steps below, you can recover the MIDI BULK DUMP of the VS's settings back onto the VS and into a different Project then you transmitted them from. WARNING!!!! COMPLETING THE PROCESS WILL OVERWRITE THAT PROJECT'S SCENES/SETTINGS.

16. Connect a midi cable from the MIDI In port on the back of your VS recorder to the MIDI OUT port on your interface/workstation.

17. On the VS, load the Project that you want to apply the settings to that you just transmitted to your sequencer.

18. Press F2[BULKRX] (Bulk Receive), or if you're no longer on the MIDI BULK DUMP PAGE repeat steps #5-#9 above, then press F2[BULKRX]. The VS will "Wait for Bulk Dump Data".

19. On your sequencer, locate to the beginning of the Bulk Dump data recording and press play on your sequencer.

20. You will see a progress bar on the screen of your VS indicating the status of the BULK DUMP. When your sequencer has finished playing the sys.ex data, the VS will say "BULK DUMP Data was Received. Is Data Applied?"

21. Press [ENTER/YES] to restore the data.

22. You will now be able to recall the same scenes or settings in the current Project.