XP-10: Selecting and Playing Tones

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The XP-10 has a Performance mode and Tone mode. The Performance mode is used to
store multitimbral Part, keyboard, MIDI and arpeggio settings. The Tone mode is
used to select and play single or dual Tones. The XP-10 has 338 Preset Tones
and 256 User Tones. Use the following procedure to select and play Tones:

1) Press PERFORM/TONE so that "Perform" is NOT displayed.
2) If necessary, press SPLIT, DUAL, X-DUAL or ARPEGGIO ON/OFF so they are not
3) Press USER/PRESET to select "User" or "Preset."
4) Use the VALUE - / + buttons to select Tones.

NOTE: If the numbered buttons are used to select a Tone number directly, press
ENTER to confirm the selection.

5) Press the TONE VARIATION button repeatedly to select Variation Tones.

NOTE: Variation Tones are available only in the Preset Tone banks.