SP-808: Naming a Pad Bank

Tags: sp-808
A Pad Bank can be named using up to ten characters. It can be convenient to give descriptive names to the Pad Banks. Use the following procedure to name a Pad Bank:

1. Press PAD BANK.

2. Rotate the VALUE/TIME dial to select the pad bank.

3. Press ENTER/YES.

4. Press SAMPLE/BANK then press CURSOR UP/DOWN to select "Set Bank Param?"

5. Press ENTER/YES.

6. Check to make sure that the parameter "Name" is selected.

7. Use the CURSOR [<] [>] buttons to move to the character position. Use the VALUE/TIME dial or press the SAMPLER pads to select the characters to be entered.

8. Press PLAY to return to the basic screen when finished.

9. Hold SHIFT and press PLAY, to display the "INFORMATION" screen to confirm the new name of the current pad bank.