Initializing the System Parameters on the VM 7000 series Mixers

Tags: vm-7100,vm-7200,reset,initialize,vm,mixer,vm-c7200,vm-c7100,vm-7000,console
TO initialize system parameter settings on the VM-7000 Series mixers, please use the following steps:

1. Turn the VM-7100/7200 Processor on and let it go through its self-registration routine. When it is ready, the CNTRL Indicator light should reach a point where it is a steady green color.

2. On the VM-C7100/C7200 Console, press and hold PROJECT/SYSTEM and F1 while powering up.

3. Continue to hold these buttons until "Factory Reset" is displayed, then press F1 for "OKAY"

4. When "Start" and "On" are displayed, press F4 to turn the automatic continuation countdown on. This allows the the VM-7000 Series mixers to skip the master console select stage.

5. Press F2 immediately after pressing F4 to start the process, or you may wait until the continuation countdown reaches 0 seconds.

6. When the console reaches a point where it will compare its current settings with the project on the Smart Media Card, it will ask if you want to recheck the setup or ignore the changes. Press F2 to complete the startup.

The system has now been returned to factory defaults. Don't forget to reset parameters such as input channel phantom power or system word clock source, if other than internal.