RD-700: Using the Tone Wheel Organ Tones

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The RD-700 features a Tone Wheel Organ mode that simulates the harmonic
drawbars of a vintage organ. To use one of the ten Tone Wheel Organs:

1. Press PIANO above ONE TOUCH.
2. Press ORGAN below TONE SELECT.
3. Use the DEC/NO or INC/YES buttons to select Tone Wheel 1 (Tone # 80).
4. Press the right CURSOR button.
5. Use the PART LEVEL sliders to make any desired drawbar changes.

NOTE: If all four PART SWITCH buttons are lit, the PART LEVEL sliders control
the four left-hand
drawbars in the display. If the PART SWITCH buttons aren't lit, the PART LEVEL
sliders control the four right-hand draw bars in the display. Pressing any of
the four PART SWITCH buttons toggles between these two modes. Use the PITCH
BEND Lever to control the rotary speed.