BR-864: Erasing Rhythm Arrangements

Tags: rhythm,edit,erase,delete,br-864,arrange
Use the following procedure to erase Step 2 and all subsequent steps in the current arrangement:
NOTE: * “Metro” (the metronome) is set in Step 1.

1. Press [ARRANGE/PATTERN/OFF] repeatedly until the indicator is lit.

2. Press [CURSOR < or >] to move the cursor to “ERASE,” and press [ENTER].

3. Turn the TIME/VALUE dial to select the arrangement to be erased.
S01–S05: Song arrangements 1–5

4. If you want to erase the arrangement, press [ENTER]. The screen for confirming the deletion appears.

5. Press [ENTER/YES] to erase the arrangement. To cancel, press [EXIT/NO]. Once the deletion is complete, the screen for selecting the arrangement to be erased returns to the display.