SX-700: Adjusting Input Level

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When connecting an instrument to the input of the SX-700, it is important to
adjust the input level of the SX-700 to suit the output level of your
instrument. This allows optimum sound from the SX-700 with a minimum of noise.
Use the following procedure to set the SX-700 input level:

1) After connecting the output of your instrument to the input of the SX-700,
play the instrument at the maximum normal playing level you expect to use.
2) While playing, make adjustments to the level by turning the INPUT LEVEL
3) The SX-700 is properly adjusted when the PEAK indicator lights only during
your loudest passages (indicator lights at 6dB below clipping).

NOTE: The above procedure applies to using the SX-700 in an effects loop of a
guitar amp or mixer as well.