VS-880: Recovering Songs from DAT

Tags: backup,recover,vs-880,dat
Use the following procedure to recover (reload) a song that was backed up using the DAT Backup Function. The recovered song will be loaded onto the current drive. NOTE: This function is not available on the later 3.2 "A" versions of the VS-880's operating system. To perform DAT Backup/Recover functions, the "B" version of this software must be loaded into the VS-880.

1. Connect the Digital output of your DAT recorder to the Digital input of the VS-880.

2. Load the appropriate DAT tape containing the song you wish to recover.

3. Press SONG until "DAT Recover ?" is displayed. Press YES.

4. "Store Current ?" is displayed. Press YES to save any recent changes to the current song. Otherwise, press NO.

5. "Recover Ready?" is displayed. Press PARAMETER RIGHT until "Name Ready?" is displayed.

6. Press YES.

7. "Please Play DAT" is displayed momentarily and then changes to "Waiting Start ID". Play your DAT
machine from the beginning of the song you wish to recover. "Receiving DATA!!" will be displayed.

8. The name of your song will appear in the display followed by "Complete!!". Stop your DAT machine.

9. "SNG Rcv = [Your Song Name]" will be displayed. If this is the song you wish to recover, press YES.

10. "Select Song Recover" is displayed. Press YES.

11. "Init IDE:0 OK?" is displayed ("Init SC:0 OK?" if you have an internal SCSI drive). Press NO.

NOTE: The VS-880 is prompting you to initialize the current drive, which erases all data on that drive including all the songs. However, if you would prefer to erase the entire hard disk before recovering your song, you can press YES instead.

12. "SNG Set To Tape No. [001]" is displayed. Press YES.

13. "Please Play DAT" is displayed momentarily and then changes to "Waiting Start ID." Rewind your DAT to the beginning of your song and press play on your DAT machine.

14. When the recover procedure is done, "Complete - Please Stop DAT" will be displayed. Stop your DAT machine and press YES on the VS-880.

15. Press PLAY/DISPLAY to return to Play mode.