RD-700NX: Creating A Split

Tags: split,rd-700nx
When you’ve got a live set that plays across the entire keyboard, you can divide, or “split,” the keyboard so that each hand plays a different tone or pair of tones as follows:

1. Select the desired live set.

2. Press SPLIT so it lights—the live set’s Upper tones now play starting at the G below Middle C, and the Lower tones play below that key.

Note: You can change the split point by holding down the SPLIT button and touching the lowest key that you want play the Upper tones.

3. Press LAYER EDIT so it lights.

Note: You can now see the live set’s tones.

4.To turn a tone on or off, press its UPPER 1 or 2 or LOWER 1 or 2 button to light or unlight it.

5. Press the up and down arrow buttons to highlight the various Upper and Lower tones.

6. To change the selected tone, press a PIANO, E. PIANO, or LIVE SET button to select the desired tone category.

7. Use the INC/DEC buttons or the dial to choose a tone in the selected category.