M-16DX: Using the M-16DX as a Control Surface for a DAW

Tags: software,m16,m-16dx,m-16
The M-16DX sends MIDI messages when it's in its Control Surface mode. Here's how to enter Control Surface mode in the M-16DX.

Note: You'll need to configure your DAW to respond to the M-16DX's MIDI messages—consult your DAW's documentation for information on how to do this.

1. Hold down CURSOR BWD and CURSOR FWD at the same time to enter the Utility Menu.

2. Press CURSOR FWD several times to highlight "DAW Controller."

3. Press VALUE + - to select the appropriate mode.

Note: More more information on the DAW Controller modes, see the M-16DX Workshop 19—Using the M-16DX as a DAW Controller found at http://www.rolandus.com/products/productdetails.aspx?dsection=d_support&ObjectId=860

4. Press CURSOR FWD once more to highlight "DAW Select."

5. Press VALUE + or - to select either "SONAR" if you're using Cakewalk SONAR software, or "General" for all other DAWs.

6. Press EXIT to leave the Utility menu.

7. Press USB until the button blinks to activate Control Surface mode.